About Iceme

Iceme is a Norwegian brand for year-round bathers, founded in 2022 to make ice bathing and year-round bathing more accessible to everyone.

When you bathe in cold water, you lose heat quickly - especially on your feet and hands.

Our gloves and socks are designed so that the water entering it will be warmed by your body temperature. You will thus not experience a large heat loss and will cope with the cold water more easily.

We want you to experience the joy and benefits of bathing all year round with our products.

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Ice bathing with Heidi Tovdal:

— You are the one who should have control over your body and not the other way around.

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— The magic happens when the protractor moves 10 degrees

September is the month when year-round bathers prepare for the cold water season. The growing trend in Norway has made even the worst freezer curious.

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Winter bathing breaks the autopilot in the brain

Cold exposure breaks the autopilot in the brain, says Audun Myskja, senior physician and author of, among other things, "The art of finding peace" and "Tibetan rites".

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All-year bathing - Bath all year round!

Did you know that winter swimming has a number of health benefits?

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