Become a year-round bather with Iceme!
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Wool Bikini

Designed for comfort and warmth in chilly conditions, the Iceme wool bikini gives you a sense of luxury while swimming.

Upper part Lower part

Neoprene socks & gloves

Ice bathing with Heidi Tovdal:

— You are the one who should have control over your body and not the other way around.

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Winter bathing breaks the autopilot in the brain

 Cold exposure breaks the autopilot in the brain, says Audun Myskja, senior physician and author of, among other things, "The art of finding peace" and "Tibetan rites".

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— It is important not to have anything unsaid with the water

In a short time, ice bathing has almost become a common property and the increasing trend in Norway has made even the worst freezer curious. 

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Read what our customers say!


Today we tested gloves and shoes, it was really a pleasure. Gloves and shoes fit well on hands and feet and we felt extra warm. Anti-slip means that we didn't slip on the rock, which was great. We are overwhelmed and looking forward to winter with this great gear :)

Regards. Badeklubben



I think the socks and gloves are incredibly good quality and the colors are really nice :) They fit well with an elastic at the top and the fit was very good! Good with anti-skid on smooth boulders

Stine Bergstrøm Urdal

Little sand


The socks and gloves are superb quality and make bathing more comfortable and fun!

Morten G.



Bathing with and without socks is like night and day.
Lovely to be able to step straight into the water, without thinking about seaweed and kelp. And not least, they keep the heat well, both in water and on land after swimming.



Frequently Asked Questions

The socks and gloves are designed so that the water coming in will be heated by your body temperature. You will therefore not experience a large heat loss in the cold water.

We have three sizes: small (36 - 38) medium (39 - 41) and large (42 - 45)

If you are unsure about which size to choose, we recommend going up a size.

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