We send out the goods as quickly as we can, and no later than three working days after ordering. Delivery time will normally be 2-5 working days from when you receive an email that the package has been sent.

Shipping costs of NOK 49 are added when sending from Iceme. The shipping cost for any return of the item is covered by the customer.

If a package should be delayed in the post and you have not received it within 14 days, contact us. The buyer is responsible for the correct address being given when ordering.

If the package is not collected within 7 days at the delivery location, it will be returned to us. In addition, you will be invoiced for shipping costs. If it is to be sent again, the customer will be charged for shipping.

We reserve the right that goods may be sold out without this appearing in the online shop.

Ice bathing with Heidi Tovdal:

— You are the one who should have control over your body and not the other way around.

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— The magic happens when the protractor moves 10 degrees

September is the month when year-round bathers prepare for the cold water season. The growing trend in Norway has made even the worst freezer curious.

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Winter bathing breaks the autopilot in the brain

Cold exposure breaks the autopilot in the brain, says Audun Myskja, senior physician and author of, among other things, "The art of finding peace" and "Tibetan rites".

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All-year bathing - Bath all year round!

Did you know that winter swimming has a number of health benefits?

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